Blackberry Development Malaysia

Blackberry Development Malaysia

Having a Blackberry app to complement your business offerings would do justice to your technology investment. Blackberry users are heavy mobile phone users especially when it comes to managing their work on their favourite phone. Let us know if Blackberry is the key platform you’d like to build your mobile app on. Our team of Malaysia Blackberry app developers are ready to hear your call.

one touchblckberry

Kurnia OneTouch


With this Kurnia One Touch app, you can:

  • Send SOS to Kurnia if your car broke down anywhere in Malaysia. Kurnia will send assistance to your location
  • Notify your claim to Kurnia directly, if you’re involved in an accident. This speeds-up your claim process
  • Search nearby Kurnia branches and panel workshops

The Kurnia One Touch app is a must-have application for Kurnia car insurance customers or any drivers. With Kurnia One Touch, you can easily get in touch with your Kurnia Customer Care. This application sends immediate SOS to Kurnia customer care personnel for them to send help to you. This application also enables you to make an insurance claim notification in just a few touches. Snap up to 16 photos and add up to three witnesses and third party information to speed-up the claim processing. There’s even a nearby function, which enable you to search the nearby Kurnia Branches and nearby panel workshops for immediate help. Please check “APN Settings Enabled” to ensure uninterrupted access to our app

MySOS by Just Mobileblckberry



This app offers emergency and directory contacts for Malaysians. You can get phone numbers of hospitals, highways, police, fire brigade, mobile operators, hotels, taxis, cinemas, banks and more.


ICT Utopia Sdn Bhd

Moola is a lifestyle programme that aims to elevate customers’ shopping experience with free shopping and best deals around. Everything is handled securely, instantly, conveniently, at your fingertips on your smartphone. It is much more than just a loyalty card, it keeps on rewarding shoppers with Moola as they spend their earned Moola for greater savings and value for money.Members will earn Moola for every single transaction spent at the Moola shopz network. You can use the earned Moola to offset your next purchase when you shop at any Moola shopz.

KL Transit Planner

KL Transit
Maps & Navigation

This app will guide you on how to use public transport such as LRT, Monorail and buses in KL area. They will give you an option to choose either prefer rail or prefer bus only. This app also provide the fares for each transport you take and calculate for you. Let’s help our environment by reducing traffic, use public transport!.

1Malaysia TV for BlackBerry 10

RaffComm Technologies Sdn Bhd
Video & TV

One of the top free app on the Google Play store is now coming to BlackBerry® App World!!!

This application will lead you to a unique services of Internet and mobile TV streaming, portraying the niche of 1Malaysia theme. This streaming services put forwards interesting bundle of streaming TV and ratio channels which include:

RTM TV1, RTM TV2, TV3, eRama TV and more. It will be more channels, so please keep on supporting this app!

*This app will be using Internet connection

*Subscription to a data plan is recommended to avoid additional charges from telcos